What is Sleep Apnea: A Closer Look

People who are unaware about this sleeping disorder usually ask the question “what is sleep apnea”. It is a condition which complicates the breathing process when people sleep. A lot of people suffer from this condition without even realizing it. Sleep apnea disrupts your sleep and if ignored for a long time, it will completely ruin your sleep cycle.

Most sleep apnea patients complain of choking and gasping in their sleep. This problem is a very traumatic condition for patients as it can result in fear of sleeping. This is where the question of “what is severe sleep apnea” comes in. This problem can have a detrimental impact on your lifestyle if you choose to ignore it.

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Many patients have self diagnosed this condition by taking online tests to determine whether they have it or not. However, it is best to consult a doctor and enroll in a sleep study as soon as you can in order to get this disease treated as soon as possible. You might consider making a sleep diary to record your problems so that you can give an accurate description to your physician.

Symptoms of sleep apnea

For people, who ask the question “what is sleep apnea”, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of this medical condition. This will help them to detect it at an early stage. These symptoms include:

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  • Lack of the ability to concentrate during daytime
  • Constant headaches in the morning
  • Horrible mood swings and getting irritated without any valid reason
  • Frequent urination during the sleeping hours
  • Waking up with a sore throat of a dry mouth

Different types of sleep apnea

 1.       What is obstructive sleep apnea?

This is one of the most usual types of sleep apnea that occurs when the soft flap in a person’s throat causes constriction in the airway. As a result you end up snoring. This issue is usually associated with overweight males. It is often a genetic problem that is also seen in smokers.

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 2.       What is central sleep apnea?

This is a rare form of apnea which does not have snoring as a symptom. It is caused because of some defect in the central nervous system. In this condition the brain is unable to control the breathing pattern. This form of apnea is the more dangerous of the two because it is associated with serious heart conditions, any neurological disease and spinal or brain stem injury. It is usually caused in males

3.       What is complex sleep apnea?

This form of apnea is a combination of the above two problems. It is very rare and needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible.

Treatment for sleep apnea

There are many things that you can do to reduce your sleep apnea. You might consider looking online for some throat exercises which will help you in reducing sleep apnea. For people suffering from sleep apnea, it is best to avoid sleeping on the back. The impact of gravity worsens sleep apnea. Overweight patients of sleep apnea need to reduce their weight. This can help you in reducing its ill effects. For regular smokers suffering from sleep apnea, it is best to quit smoking before the condition gets aggravated.

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Surgery is another option which you can look into to get rid of sleep apnea. However, this option is best reserved for cases when personal and doctor recommended remedies do not work. You might consider buying a sleep apnea mouth guard. It is very helpful in avoiding any form of obstruction in your airway.

If you want to know more about this condition, then you might consider searching the net for “what is sleep apnea”. The internet is an excellent source for information regarding this problem. You will be better able to understand the mechanics which are involved in this condition. This will help you in understanding the cause of your sleep apnea and treat it in an efficient manner.