Understanding the Most Common Sleep Problems

There are so many sleep problems today. Others are life threatening, others are not. Either way, they all trace their roots to one thing; modern lifestyle changes. Take sleep apnea for instance. It is one of those problems that just won’t go away. That roach that refuses to die. Sadly, it is not alone in the pool of sleep disorders and problems. There are others like:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Sleepwalking
  • Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder
  • Restless Legs Syndrome

The Causes

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Causes range from things you can control to those you can’t. In case of the latter, you will have to go through such things as sleep tests and keep up with treatment options like use of a sleep apnea mouth guard. For the causes which you can control, the solution is always simple and involves quitting habits that trigger sleeplessness such as excess alcohol consumption.

How to identify a sleep problem

Finding out if you have sleep problems go beyond watching out how often you have problems falling asleep. This mainly applies to conditions such as the circadian rhythm sleep disorder where such things as your sleep patterns have to be examined. Far from it, there are simple signs that can easily let you know if you are a victim of a common sleep problem.

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  • Snoring

Loud, irritating snoring is at best a common social issue that may cause a drift in relationships. However, for many children, men and even women, loud, habitual or regular snoring may indicate a potentially life threading sleep problemObstructive Sleep Disorder. With that in mind, seek immediate medical assistance if people complain about how you snore or if your partner has the same problem.

  • Sleep Disruption

A recurrent or persistent pattern of sleep disruptions that lead to insomnia or excessive sleepiness is a sure sign that you have a sleep disorder. This symptom is always associated with circadian rhythm sleep disorder and is often as a result of a mismatch in a person’s circadian sleep-wake patterns and his or her sleep wake schedule. The symptom causes medically significant impairment or distress in occupational, social and other crucial aspects of day to day functioning. Note that sleep disruption does not occur solely during the course of other sleep problems.

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  • Decrease in daytime performance

It is quite obvious that lack of adequate sleep easily manifest during the day. You could have problems concentrating on your work or staying awake. It is a common symptom and a serious one too, because you may end up causing accidents if you are driving or you operate heavy duty machinery. The symptom is not a preserve for adults only.

Most sleep problems in children actually manifest through a decrease in their performance at school, so be sure to check how your kid performs at school and how well he or she sleeps at night. It is quite different with toddler sleep problems and newborn sleep problems whose main symptoms include breathing pauses and difficulties falling asleep. Either way, always seek medical assistance anytime you notice something unusual in your kids sleeping habits.

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There is always a solution out there, so don’t fret thinking all is lost. You may have to do with dental mouth guards and breathing masks but like your doctor will tell you, such devices are easy to get used to as long as one uses them appropriately. You will also need to watch your diet because there may be some habits that are not a good thing for a healthy sleep pattern.

What to do

Watch out for common sleep problems and symptoms. Then seek immediate medal assistance. This way, it will be easy to get a solution on time before your sleep disorders escalate to severe levels.