Types of Anti Snoring Mouthpiece and How They Work

An anti snoring mouthpiece has been scientifically proven to effective treat snoring problems. In fact, these devices are also recommended by health experts and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Anti snoring mouthpieces not only treat minor snoring problems, but also moderate sleep apnea issues. An Anti-snoring mouthpiece enlarges your airway in the back of your throat to treat snoring problems. With the mouthpiece, your tongue is positioned forward during your sleep to open the airway.

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 Main Cause of Snoring 

 When there’s any kind of obstruction in your airway while sleeping, it puts a lot of pressure on your body to maintain proper supply of oxygen in the blood. Due to this, inhalation and exhalation can cause your floppy relaxed tissues to vibrate. It causes an awkward noise called snoring. Some sort of throat blockage or nasal obstructions can prevent adequate breathing during sleep. If your tissues are more relaxed, it will be more likely that you will snore. For instance, if you consume a lot of alcohol, your throat tissues will be more relaxed. Thus, you are more likely to snore.

 Basics of Anti Snoring Mouthpieces 

 According to doctors, an anti-snoring mouthpiece or sleep apnea mouth guard is one of the most effective solutions. However, there are also some bad devices that don’t really work properly. Therefore, you need to know exactly what you’re buying and how it would resolve your problems. Mouthpieces have been used for many years for resolving snoring problems. There are two types of mouthpieces you can easily find in the market. Each of them works in a different way, but according to the same basic principle.

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  • Jaw Retaining – This has always been a popular anti snoring mouthpiece. Jaw retaining mouthpieces move your jaw into a specific position and keep it there when you sleep. Currently, most jaw retaining mouthpieces available in the market work on the basis of a boil & bite fitting process. If you’ve ever used an athletic mouth guard, you will have a clear idea of how jaw retaining mouthpieces work. Most of these devices also look similar to an athletic mouth guard.
  • Tongue Retaining – If you’re looking for the best anti snoring mouthpiece, this may be a good choice. Tongue retaining mouthpieces are relatively new in the market. These mouthpieces can easily help you get a good night’s sleep comfortably and safely. Tongue retaining mouthpieces work differently from jaw retaining mouthpieces. Tongue retaining mouthpieces are very comfortable and work perfectly for most people. They are quite effective in resolving your snoring problems. Unlike jaw retaining mouthpieces, they don’t need to be fitted. They also look much better on you. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about choking or gagging while wearing these mouthpieces. More or less, you will retain your original look even after wearing these.

 How Does An Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Work?

 All kinds of mouthpieces for snoring act by increasing your airway’s size in the back of the throat. As mentioned earlier, there can be a lot of different reasons for your airway to close and relax during sleep. Usually, obstruction of the airway from your nose to lungs is responsible for increased volume of air.

 When you use mouthpieces, your jaw stiffens and tightens. This reduces the vibrations and resolves your snoring problem. In addition to this, when your tongue moves away from the back of the throat, the airway is opened more. This eliminates the sound of snoring.

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 Quality and Availability of Snoring Mouthpieces 

 You can easily buy an anti snoring mouthpiece in stores selling dental devices. They can even be obtained directly from your dentist or ecommerce retailers. There are many mouth guard stores on the internet which sell high quality anti snoring mouthpieces. These devices can be found in three popular types:

  • One size fits all
  • Boil and bite mouth guard – Works well for almost all kinds of users.
  • Custom laboratory fitted snoring mouthpieces – Usually, custom laboratory fitted snoring mouthpieces are high quality and most expensive.
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Useful Tips

Before you choose among various anti snoring mouthpieces and make a purchase, it is important to go through numerous anti snoring mouthpiece reviews to get an idea about different brands, their quality and prices. This will help you make a much better choice. You may also consult your dentist for further recommendations.