Tips to Consider When Shopping For a Good Breathing Mask

There is much more into choosing a breathing mask than just walking into a drug store and asking for one. If all you want is a mask that will make your quest for a sound sleep a reality, then taking time to shop for the device is the price you will have to pay. To make the whole process a downhill task, consider the following tips.

  • Prioritize durability

Book an appointment with a reputable medical equipment supplier. They always stock quality breathing masks, so choosing one that will offer you value for money should not be a problem. Durability is crucial mainly because it saves patients from the inconvenience of shopping for the masks time and again. You might also want to verify beforehand if your medical insurance covers purchase of such equipment.

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  • Choose the right mask

There are so many types of breathing masks available in medical equipment stores. They range from mask meant for sports to masks meant for curing sleep apnea. Speaking of sports, always remember that a breathing mask for sleep apnea is different from a breathing mask for running or boxing.

As your doctor may have already told you, there are breathing masks for people who tend to breathe through their mouths. In such cases, a sleep apnea mouth guard can easily save the night. Other models are somehow sophisticated and often cover the entire face, providing a continuous flow of air into the nostrils and mouth regions. Whatever you choose, make sure that your sleep apnea breathing mask:

best cold weather breathing mask

  • has a silicon lining
  • fits you well
  • Choose the right brand

Think of it like buying shoes. You’ll want to buy the best brand that will last for long. Your doctor will help you understand more about the best brands available and where to get them. A good breathing mask from a reputable brand may cost you a fortune but like you’ll realize, it will be worth it at the end of the day. Of course other things such as color and design matter, but ask yourself this; between aesthetic value and functionality of your device, what really matters?

  • Check on your mask’s material

You could be allergic to the material used to make your sleep apnea or cold weather breathing mask. Should that be the case, mention it to your doctor as well as your medical equipment supplier. You’ll be thankful to yourself latter that you raised that concern.

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  • Ask what you don’t understand

Don’t assume anything. The manual might be clear but other things such as warranty may not be that clear. You may also find it hard to use the device if you are using it for the first time. Swallow your pride and ask your doctor for clarification.

  • Take good care of your device

For starters, keep it far away from children. They will get curious and want to use it just like you do. This could be dangerous and may lead to suffocation, so just keep the device away from children as much as possible. Then remember to wash it often, and while at it, use mild soaps and detergents to wash the mask. Regular detergents will only wear off its silicon lining which is essential to the comfort the device offers.


You don’t have to know much about breathing masks when shopping for one. You only need to look out for what your doctor recommends. That should be easy if you do your homework and read just a little bit about the best breathing mask available. In the process, you’ll learn interesting things about sleep apnea and other treatment options that could be what you ultimately need.