Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sleep Apnea Masks

Your sleep apnea mask is the directly linked to the therapy you are supposed to be receiving. If however, your mask fits inadequately, is uncomfortable or just doesn’t work, then this therapy isn’t really happening. That is why you have to invest in the best sleep apnea masks. Your mask could after all, be the thin line that separates your lack and sleep and plenty of it.

Choosing the Best Mask

With the wide range of sleep apnea masks available, choosing the right one can be hard, if not tricky. Ask your doctor to help you choose the right one or let him buy one for you. Masks simply come in a number of styles and designs, so choosing one that gives you the most comfort is really important. Speaking of comfort, the best mask is that which you can’t tell when it is on or not. In other words, it has to be light. It should also have a proper seal which will prevent air from leaking.

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Types of Sleep Apnea Mask


There are 3 common sleep apnea masks available in health stores. As already hinted, your doctor should be able to choose the best one for you. The types include:

  • Nasal Sleep Apnea Mask – It comes complete with a headgear and a chin strap to ensure a comfortable, proper seal.
  • Nasal Pillow Sleep Apnea Mask – Comes with two sizeable tubes supposed to be directly inserted into the nostrils. It also comes with a headgear to keep it tightly in place.
  • Total Sleep Apnea Mask – It covers the entire face up to the eyes. It seals on the side of the face and is ideal for men with long beards.

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Taking Care of Your Sleep Apnea Mask

Don’t share your mask with anyone. That’s the first simple rule. Then remember to wash your mask every morning and give it sometime to air dry. Avoid strong detergents and antibacterial soaps when washing your mask. They will only break down the silicon lining of the mask which allows it to seal properly. Remember to also clean your face before putting on your mask, or at least ensure that it’s clean. Lastly, replace your sleep apnea mask after every six months. After that, the silicon lining becomes too soft and the mask loses its function.

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Take Advantage of Reviews

Don’t get ripped off. Find out what other patients say about the mask you want to buy. Find out too, if the mask has been approved by the FDA or has been recommended by health professionals. You’re dealing with your health, so your choice should be the best one. Should you come across a negative review of the mask you want to buy, just keep off it and shop for another one.

Other Tips

Always insist on the right mask. This is because sleep apnea masks for men and sleep apnea masks for women differ from each other. Do the same when buying other treatment options like the sleep apnea mouth guard.

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Take your time to buy the right sleep apnea mask. The process may seem tedious and draining but it is always worth it. Remember with good sleep apnea masks, sleep is guaranteed. Without one, the night gets longer and worst of all, you only harm yourself. Consider too how you breathe. Sleeping apnea masks for nose breathers and sleep apnea masks for mouth breathers are two different things. They may serve the same goal or purpose but truth is, each one is unique in its own way. To put it simply, the best mask for you depends on how you sleep and choose the right mask.