Sleep Apnea Side Effects

Sleep Apnea is a stressful condition for many people and is characterized by instances of shallow breathing or even pauses in breathing during sleep. The pauses in breathing are called “apnea” in scientific terms and can occur up to 30 times in an hour. One way to tell if a person suffers from this condition is if they snore. Sleep apnea occurs when air flow is interrupted despite respiratory effort. When this happens, the victim is deep asleep and cannot tell if they had any difficulty breathing. Many people only learn that they suffer from this condition when others start to notice and they also complain of side effects of sleep apnea. It is the silent manifestation of sleep apnea that makes it so dangerous and nobody ever wants to suffer the wrath of sleep apnea side effects at any point in life.

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Sleep Apnea Side Effects

  • Migraines

If you often have to deal with a migraine, the real problem might be sleep apnea. When breathing pauses, there is oxygen depletion which leads to constriction of tiny blood vessels in your brain. Due to this constriction, one might experience severe headaches when they wake up.

  • Snoring

This is the first and most obvious sleep apnea side effects that you could have. Not all people who snore suffer from this condition but constants indicate that many with sleep apnea actually snore. It is therefore wise to see an expert to dispel any fears of sleep apnea if they snore.

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  • Poor Immune system

The immune system of a person suffering from sleep apnea is thoroughly compromised. This is because such people seldom have enough sleep and if expert studies are anything to go by, people who do not sleep well have poor immune systems. This condition opens you up to many dangers because when you body’s immune system is down, there is a high chance of infections attacking it.

  • Irritability

When person has not slept well through the night, they become more temperamental. This is because they are fatigued due to sleep apnea but do not even realize it. Flaring short tempers of sleep apnea sufferers may cause them to tae drastic actions at home or office.

  • High Blood Pressure

Studies show that people with sleep apnea are more likely to develop hypertension. High blood pressure is something everyone wants to avoid because it is the doorway to a horde of otter complications like heart disease, obesity and more.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea

The risky nature of sleep apnea side effects prompted research into foolproof ways to stop the apnea and save as many lives as possible. The commonly used methods of handling sleep apnea are;

sleep apnea cpap side effects and risks

· CPAP Machine

The continuous positive airway pressure machine opens up the airway as you sleep through a flow of pressurized air into the throat. You are required to wear a face mask connected to a bedside CPAP machine. Though the device is effective in reducing apnea, many patients find it very uncomfortable and barely use it for the recommended duration. One of sleep apnea CPAP side effects is bloating and cramps. In fact, some people complained that the cramps were so severe they had trouble sitting up.

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· Sleep apnea mouth guard

This is a welcome device to sufferers of the life threatening condition. Its main purpose is to open your throat and widen the airways. This way, you can breathe easier without the use of a CPAP machine. This innovation wards of the sleep apnea machine side effects to add more value to your days.

Sleep apnea is a negative condition which slows affects people’s lives and those around them. This will pose a great threat in your breathing patterns that could be lethal if not corrected. If you are tired of interrupted sleep and episodes of breathlessness, buy a sleep apnea mouth guard; the best protection against nasty effects of sleep apnea. Consult your general practitioner about your sleep and breathing problems.