Get a Hold of Football Mouthpieces and Secure a Smile on Your Faces

What are Football Mouthpieces? 

NFL players cannot do away with the football mouthpieces. These are protective mouth guards that defend their teeth, tongues and jaw against any damage during the football game. Normally, these mouthpieces are made up of rubber and they can be molded as per the player’s mouths or bites. Recently, a mouthpiece has been invented that can evaluate the power of hits. They are like the ordinary mouthpieces with the only difference that they have an accelerometer and gyroscope.
Custom football mouthpieces

What to Do to Mold Football Mouthpieces?

These mouthpieces have to be molded as per your needs. In order to mold them, one needs to follow the following steps:

  • As a first step, keep it in the boiling water for half an hour.
  • After that, keep it in the cold water for just a second.
  • Keep it in the mouth and with the help of your fingers try to mold it.
  • Again the mouthpiece has to be placed in the boiling water only for 2 seconds and they should then again be set back in the teeth.
  • Finally, the piece is to be run under cold water before wearing it
    Simple sleep apnea mouth guard

What are Snore Guards?

Snore guards which are also known as sleep apnea mouth guard are used to check the problem of snoring. These equipments hold the tongue and jaw intact in their positions thereby opening the airway. When worn properly, they can be very effective and improve the sleep patterns.

Custom Mouthpieces for Football Players

These mouthpieces have the superb fitting and offer you the best protection. These mouthpieces are a great fit as they are made exactly as per the requirement of your teeth. These allow you to talk freely and give you the liberty to breathe and drink without any hassles. Not only this, these cool football mouthpieces are easy to clean and are durable.
Durable youth football mouthpieces

How to Clean a Football Mouthpiece

As these mouthpieces are vulnerable to contamination with microorganisms like bacteria or fungi and can be a cause of serious health issues, they should be cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning them is not a difficult task and does not take much time. To keep this protective gear contamination-free, you need to brush it on regular intervals and rinse it with anti-bacterial solution.

Besides this, it has a great chance of getting damaged and in the case where it protects your teeth and braces; it is going to damage in all likelihood. If youth football mouthpieces of your teenager begin to get rough edges, then it is time for you to replace them because these edges and cracks can severely damage the soft tissues of the mouth and allow the microorganisms to enter the bloodstream of the user. So, it is very important to keep them clean and to replace them when they are damaged.
Stong football mouthpieces with lip guard

Talking to the Coach Prior to Buying

There are some football leagues which need mouthguard for braces that are custom fit by the orthodontists whereas there are others which need the type of mouthguard that can defend both the lower as well as upper arch. That apart, team of your child may be insured only for the dental injuries caused by certain types of mouthguard for braces. It is always better to talk to the coach before buying these mouthpieces for your child.

Talking to the Orthodontist

Once you have talked to the coach and know what type of football mouthpieces for braces your team and your team need, it is time for you to talk to the orthodontist and know about the various options that exactly fit the criteria. It is always better to go for custom-fitted mouthpiece to get the best fit and comfort. If you are scared about any likely injury to your lips then you can get hold of football mouthpieces with lip guard.

Final Thoughts

As the old saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure”; so it is always better to protect yourself from injuries while playing football by wearing a mouthguard. There is a wide range of models and designs available in the market that can fit your requirement and provide you ultimate comfort. These can be molded and cleaned easily. So, get hold of these mouth guards and secure a smile on your face.