Basic Couple Therapy Facts You Should Know

It sounds strange and subtle to some but some of the healthiest relationships have been brought down by how a couple behaves in bed. Snoring! The culprits here are mostly men for reasons that can be medically explained. Unfortunately, the problem is always beyond their control. There is little they can do to help themselves because snoring or even gasping is a sure sign that one is suffering from a sleeping disorder. It could be circadian rhythm sleep disorder or worse still, sleep apnea. Either way, there is always a solution. It may not offer permanently relief but like they say, half a loaf is much better than none. Go for couple therapy.


It involves a wide range of methods, approaches and different couple therapy techniques that have been proven to work. It should however be noted that though most therapy programs work, they do take time. That’s why patience is key when undergoing couple therapy. Some of the most common psychotherapy methods that can benefit couples include:

couple therapy

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Advanced and integrative behavioral couple therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy

Of all the said therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy happens to be the shortest one in terms of duration than the other forms of therapies. A patient simply participates in 16 sessions or even less. There is also emotionally focused couple therapy, which often takes longer since there are two people involved.

How therapies work

anti snore andsleep apnea mouth guard

You may have to go through some sort of talk therapy at some point. If your therapist is skilled and good at what he or she does, then talk therapy may be enough to help you and your partner get along. How so? The technique used in nearly all couple therapy programs aimed was developed from well researched theories and techniques of psychoanalysis. In this therapy approach, there is an underlying connect your emotional problems are often based on unconscious motives and conflicts.


Taking your treatment seriously is the best gift you can give yourself. You may have to buy a sleep apnea mouth guard or a CPAP device if your condition is severe. This means that you’ll have to get used to the device one way or the other, and end up feeling frustrated should the device take long to offer you some relief. In the end, you can easily get depressed and worsen the rift between you and your partner.  To avoid all these, ensure that:

  • You have the right device
  • You use it well

integrative behavioral couple therapy

 Ask your doctor to help you understand how to use your mouth guard well.  If possible, get a customized device. That way, you’ll have to put up with something you like. Then remember to read the instruction manual that comes along with all breathing devices. Again, ask your doctor or medical equipment for clarification should you have problems understanding the instruction manual.

Therapies and destructive habits

Most couple therapy experts will tell you that every once in a while, they deal with couples who struggle

with alcohol issues. Truth is, excessive alcohol consumption is directly linked to sleep apnea. A shot of tequila, a shot of whiskey or a bottle of beer may make you tipsy but it will not make your fall asleep.

Alcohol relaxes tissues at the back of your throat, making it hard for you to breathe when you are sleeping. Sleeping pills have the same effect. With that in mind, try the best you can to quit habits such as excess alcohol consumption, chain smoking, over reliance on sleeping pills and use of sedatives.

It’s good to go for couple therapies. It’s also good to go an extra mile and eat healthy, seek appropriate medical assessment of your problem and keep off unhealthy habits. That way, you’ll overcome your problems with ease.