5 Ways to Live With Your Bite Guard

Your doctor just told you that you need to use a bite guard while you’re sleeping to keep obstructive sleep apnea at bay. If you are like most people who receive such news daily, you’ve got mixed feelings about it. You’re not thrilled at all. Truth is, you should be thrilled. At least there is a solution for your condition. What’s more, adjusting to your bite hard can make your sleep…and life much better especially if you have chronic sleep apnea. Here’s how to go about adjusting to the device and making peace with it:

  • Focus on the health benefits

With sleep apnea, your body is simply in a constant tussle at night between falling asleep and breathing. Fortunately, breathing always pins down sleeping and wins at the expense of your much deserved sleep. This means that during the day, you’ll have to deal with daytime fatigue and sleepiness which can make life at work stressful. That is not all. In fact, it is just but a tip of the iceberg. Lack of adequate sleep always has an adverse effect on:

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  • Diabetes
  • Ageing
  • Blood pressure
  • Obesity

The purpose of your bite guard is to take away the struggle or rather tussle between breathing and sleeping. That is why patients who use the device well report immediate symptom relief. Just like you, they may not like the device but they sure love the outcome. After all, who really wants to put up with abnormal heart rhythms when really a simple crib bite guard can solve the problem completely?

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  • Consider the device a gift to your bed partner

No one wants a strange bedfellow; one who can take the medal if the whole thing was a competition between him/her and a pig. The interruptions can be way overboard to drive you out of bed or even cause a rift in your relationship. Solve the problem in a loving, amicable way and consider buying a sleep apnea mouth guard for your partner.

  • Learn More about the device

Think of it as your craft. You have to hone it and love it. It’s not enough for your doctor to hand you a dental bite guard and it’s manual. Ideally, insist on an expert demonstrating how to make the most use of your night bite guard. With so many varieties and models of bite guards, it is important to be certain you bought what your doctor recommended.

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  • Customize the device

Bite guards are not ‘one size fits all’ kind of devices. That is in fact why you should not share your bite guard with anyone else. Go for what fits you. Then remember to always upgrade your device. This means that you have to change it for a better one sometime. Like shoes and any other apparel in your wardrobe, they wear off after sometime. They become ineffective. You may have to spend more money on a new device but that’s fine.

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It is much better then quarreling with your loved one over your sleep habits, which needless to say, you have no control over. It helps to go for a brand that cuts across the market as a quality brand with nothing but value for money to offer.

  • Stick with it

It is not a cure. It’s just treatment. It only works effectively if you wear it.


Think not of your bite guard as an irritating tool you have to wear before going to bed. Its benefits outweigh the downsides by far. If anything, be grateful that you can after all, enjoy your sleep without people talking on your back on how strange you behave while asleep.